DIY Photo Frame Chalkboards

PUBLISHED: 11:01 23 January 2014 | UPDATED: 11:03 23 January 2014

DIY chalkboard photo frames

DIY chalkboard photo frames


A thrifty, fun and fabulous way to reuse old picture frames

DIY chalkboard photo framesDIY chalkboard photo frames

A week or so after the New Year I decided it was time for a clean out to get 2014 off to a good start with an uncluttered and junk free room. While sorting through bags and boxes I realized there were quite a few black photo frames hiding away, unused. Instead of slotting some photos into them, I wanted to put them to a more practical use but everything that came to mind was basically framing something like words or sketches.

When I’m lacking inspiration I start browsing through Pinterest and my favourite craft blogs. After an hour or so of doing this I finally found the idea for frame chalk boards. Something simple that can be used to write shopping or to-do lists or messages for family members.

DIY chalkboard photo framesDIY chalkboard photo frames

All you need is an old frame, chalk board paint (available from all good DIY stores) and a paintbrush.

To create the chalkboard, paint either the frame’s back board or glass with an even layer of the paint, leave for an hour to dry, then add a second coat and leave over night.

This idea is so versatile and can be made to fit with any theme or colour scheme. For example in the kitchen for writing a weekly shopping list, maybe wrap images from a food magazine around the frame or paint in a colour that matches of your kitchen.

For a child’s bedroom, the design can differ to fit the child’s interests, favorite colours or certain bits of memorabilia can be added. Being as creative or simple as you like they are great fun to make and a useful addition to any household.

You don’t even have to use old frames, anything flat can be used: trays, old CDs or even ring binders.

Happy Crafting!

Emma Morris

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