BIG GREEN HOME SHOW 2011 Friday 28th – Sunday 30th October 2011

PUBLISHED: 16:31 22 September 2011 | UPDATED: 20:00 20 February 2013

BIG GREEN HOME SHOW 2011 Friday 28th – Sunday 30th October 2011

BIG GREEN HOME SHOW 2011 Friday 28th – Sunday 30th October 2011

BIG GREEN HOME SHOW 2011<br/>The National Self Build & Renovation Centre, Swindon<br/>Friday 28th – Sunday 30th October 2011 9:30am – 5pm<br/>Register online for your Free tickets <br/>


The National Self Build &
Renovation Centre

28th 30th October 2011
9:30am 5:00pm

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Tickets on the door: 10 per adult or 15 per couple.

Rising energy bills, combined with a tough economic climate and a Government drive to reduce carbon emissions mean that creating an energy-efficient home has never been so important. And with a whole range of eco options on the market, its easier than ever to build green and achieve a house thats comfortable to live in, economical to run, and has a reduced impact on the environment.

If you are thinking about, planning or currently building or improving your own home, whether its a new build, renovation, or some major retro-fitting you will no doubt have considered the endless options for creating a sustainable and energy efficient home. And youre not alone. Every year, thousands of visitors flock to the Big Green Home Show, hosted by BuildStore at the National Self Build & Renovation Centre, and this year will be no different.

With expert advice, seminars, and hundreds of products, the fourth annual Big Green Home Show, will give you all the information and advice you need about the products and services available, to help you separate the facts from the green-wash. Building on the success of the past three shows, and the everincreasing interest in all things eco, the three-day event will feature even more products, seminars and experts, as well as the unique walking seminars by green experts.

Youll find invaluable expert advice on the essential eco elements to help you decide whats best for your home and your pocket and theres guidance on everything from insulation and legislation to eco building systems and natural products; designing your new home to sourcing your eco products; and funding your project to heating your new home.

Self builders have long been pioneers of innovative products and modern methods of Construction (MMC), and its no different with energy efficient and renewable products. In fact, over 30% of BuildStore customers say that going green is one of, if not the main reason, for building their own homes. But, as you will discover at the Big Green Home Show, building green is not just about installing a ground source heat pump or fixing a few solar panels to your roof. A truly green house requires a whole-house approach, so it is vital that you understand the technology and match it to your lifestyle and energy requirements, and learn how the various products can work together to give you maximum benefit. You can do all this under one roof at this years Big Green Home Show.

The UK is now the world's sixth largest low-carbon and environmental economy, and still growing. As the green agenda marches on, there have been some significant developments: energy-efficient buildings have become legislated through the Code for Sustainable Homes (CSH), renewable energy incentive schemes have been introduced (Feed-in Tariffs and the Renewable Heat Incentives), along with scrappage schemes, Ecotowns, and the eagerly-awaited Green Deal for upgrading existing homes.

It is no longer just a wish-option to be energy-efficient. At this years Big Green Home Show, you can sit in on seminars and get one-to-one advice from industry experts on the latest legislation, regulations and Government schemes and how they will affect your project.

Although many self builders have been taking advantage of the renewable technology for some years already, there has certainly been a shift in the market. Browsing the Centres educational exhibits and many new displays in the Trade Village during the Show, youll see that companies and manufacturers have responded to the green demand, bringing innovative new products, systems and technology to the market.

Of course, some of these options dont come cheap, and there is always talk of the pay-back. However, with the new incentives for renewable electricity and heating, the Government are essentially rewarding you for not plugging into the grid and the sums seem to be stacking up. They arent the only ones who are offering rewards for being green mortgage lenders are now more switched-on to the eco building sector, and some are offering discounts and special rates on loans for those building a green home from scratch, renovating a property, or just generally making a few home improvements. You can find out more about funding your project from BuildStores team of specialist finance advisors at the Show, including the exclusive Eco Accelerator mortgage.

Tim Doherty, of the National Self Build & Renovation Centre, explains: The appeal of building a home from scratch or transforming your current home has always been getting a house that is uniquely designed to your own specifications. Now, they also want their energy bills to be as pleasing to look at as the home itself. If you are committed to a home that is more economical to run, there is a wealth of products, new technology, systems and services, to help you achieve an energy efficient and more sustainable home. The issue is understanding how it all works and deciding which is right for you, your home and your budget.

At the Big Green Home Show, youll find plenty of expert advice and guidance on the essential eco elements you need to consider and understand as well as talking directly to manufacturers and eco experts, our unique Centre allows you to see all the latest products and systems in-situ, in our three full-sizes houses. Its the UKs brightest eco exhibition, and could help you save pounds as well as the planet.

For comprehensive and impartial advice on green self build, renovation
and home improvement, visit the Big Green Home Show on the 28th 30th October 2011 at the National Self Build & Renovation Centre in Swindon, just off Junction 16 of the M4.

To book free tickets or for more information,
visit the website at
or call 0845 223 4455.
Tickets on the door: 10 per adult or 15 per couple.


  • Over 30% of BuildStore customers cited going green as one of the main reasons for building their own home

  • UK homes account for 27% of the UKs carbon emissions, a major cause of climate change

  • An average house produces 6 tonnes of carbon dioxide every year, more than the average car

  • Around 40% of home heat-loss is through the walls and roof. Loft insulation, costing 150 - 200, saves around 150 p.a. in bills & cavity wall insulation, costing around 135, saves around 100 p.a.

  • Lighting accounts for 15% of electricity use - switching to energy-saving bulbs saves around 7 p.a.

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